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Configuring Assignment Objects to Copy Additional Columns to the Team Table

When an item, such as an account or opportunity, is assigned to a team of people, the team field (the actual name of the field varies depending on the view) for that record shows a list of the people assigned to that item. This list of names is known as the team table for the given record. When making assignments, Assignment Manager passes information about the team members to the team table, such as the name of the person, that person's position and user ID, and so on. This section explains how to configure assignment objects to add additional information about team members to the team table.

Using Siebel Tools, you configure assignment objects to copy additional columns to the team table. Use the PositionTeamDenormN user property (where N is any number) to copy additional columns from the S_ASGN_GRP_POSTN assignment rule position candidate table to the team table.

To configure an assignment object to copy additional columns to the team table

  1. Start Siebel Tools.
  2. Select the assignment object for which you want to copy additional columns to the team table.
    1. In the Object Explorer, expand Workflow Policy Object.
    2. In the Workflow Policy Object window, select the object.
    3. In the Object Explorer, expand Assignment Object, and then select Assignment User Prop.
  3. In the Assignment User Properties window, choose Edit > New Record to define user properties for the assignment object.
    1. In the Name field, type a name for the property starting with PositionTeamDenorm followed by a digit (for example, PositionTeamDenorm1, PositionTeamDenorm2).
    2. In the Value field, use the following syntax to enter values:


Table 51 provides descriptions for each field these values.

Table 51. User Property Values for Copying Additional Columns to the Team Table


The name of the source column in the assignment rule group position table whose value is copied to the destination column of the team table. There are 7 Boolean columns, 19 string columns, 7 number columns, and 3 date columns available for copying.


The name of the destination column in the team table where the values are copied. The destination column must be one of the user data columns in the team table of the assignment object.


If this flag is set to Y (True), indicates the respective destination column is part of the user key of the team table. Without this flag specified, duplicate positions cannot be inserted in the team table. For more information about duplicate positions, see the description for the AllowDupPostn server component parameter in Additional AsgnSrvr and BatchAsgn Parameter Information.


Specifies the values that are inserted in the destination columns if default position is assigned. In this case, you cannot specify the values to be copied in the ASGN_GRP_POSTN table.

NOTE:  This value is optional if the default position is not specified. That is, if the value for a position is NULL, the default value is set to NULL as well.

At runtime, Assignment Manager copies the user property values to the team table.

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