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Copying Columns Using the UI

You can set up Assignment Manager to copy columnar position or employee data using the UI or by submitting a server component job from the command-line interface. This topic explains how to copy columns using the UI.

This task is one step in Process of Configuring Assignment Manager to Copy Columns.


The following procedure assumes the Position Specific Columns and Employee Specific Columns properties are preconfigured for the assignment object and the Copy Candidate Specific Data (CopyCandSpecData) server component parameter is set to Yes. For information on how to configure these properties and parameter, see Configuring Assignment Object Properties and Modifying the Assignment Manager Server Component Parameters, respectively.

To copy columns using the UI

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Server Management screen > Jobs view.
  2. In the Jobs list, click New.

    A new record appears with a system-defined ID automatically generated with a status of Creating.

  3. In the Requested Server field n the Job Detail subview, type the name of the Siebel Server on which you want to run the copy columns feature.

NOTE:  Assignment Manager copies position- or employee-specific data only if the Use Key Value server component parameter value is set to either Rule Group or None. If None, position-specific data is copied from any position in the ACCNT_POSTN table that was updated last, given every position in the team is for the same business reason.

TIP:   When merging sales forces in production mode, Assignment Manager takes into account the list of key values, that is, Assignment Manager gets the latest updated position in all the rule groups in the Replace Key Values list with position-specific data.

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