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Configuring Assignment Objects for Multitiered Assignment

By default, Assignment Manager independently matches people and organizations to assignment objects. Activating Assignment Manager to use multitiered assignment, however, allows assignments based on the relationship between a person and their organization or an organization and its people.

NOTE:  Without multitiered assignment—or appropriate assignment rules—it is possible for Assignment Manager to assign an unrelated organization or person to an assignment object.

Table 53 shows the multitiered assignment modes.

Table 53. Multitiered Assignment Modes
Multitier Mode


Assigns people and organizations that qualify, regardless of whether they are related or not.


Assigns people that qualify, then assigns only qualified organizations that the assigned people belong to.


Assigns organizations that qualify, then assigns qualified people from those organizations.

Organization and Person-Oriented

Identifies qualified people and organizations, then assigns only those that have both a qualified person and related qualified organization.

NOTE:  Use caution when the Organization and Person-Oriented mode is used with assignment rules that use the One, Best Fit assignee filter because inconsistencies can occur. The One, Best Fit assignee filter assigns only the highest-scoring position or organization. If the highest-scoring position does not have a qualifying organization, or if the highest-scoring organization does not have a qualifying position, the object remains unassigned, even if a lower-scoring position and its related organization both qualify for the assignment rule.

This logical assignment feature is well-suited to sales organizations.

You use Siebel Tools to activate multitiered assignment by setting the Assignment Mode property for an assignment object.

NOTE:  You should not configure multitiered assignment to assign people and corresponding organizations when running interactive assignment. This is because when using interactive assignment, you manually choose assignees and only the person or the organization candidates are shown, not both.

To configure an assignment object for multitiered assignment

  1. Start Siebel Tools.
  2. In the Object Explorer, expand Workflow Policy Object, and in the Workflow Policy Objects list, query for the assignment object for which you want to enable mutitiered assignment.

    TIP:   If Workflow Policy Object is not visible in the Object Explorer, you can enable it by selecting View > Options > Object Explorer in the Development Tools Options dialog box.

  3. In the Object Explorer, select Assignment Object.
  4. Lock the project for the assignment object by choosing Tools > Lock Project (or Alt+L).

    The pencil icon appears in the W field to indicate the project for the object is locked.

  5. For the assignment object, change the Assignment Mode property to the multitiered assignment mode operation of interest.

    Choices are:

    • Independent
    • Org & Person-oriented
    • Organization-oriented
    • Person-oriented
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