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Creating Assignment Objects

Using Siebel Tools, you can create new assignment objects by adding an assignment object to a workflow policy object. However, adding assignment objects can require the addition of skills or other tables and columns. Because of the complexity of this requirement, it is recommended that you contact Technical Support if you need to create new assignment objects.

CAUTION:  It is recommended that you contact Siebel Technical Support for assignment object creation. If you create your own assignment objects, you run the risk of Assignment Manager assigning incorrect assignments.

To create an assignment object

  1. Start Siebel Tools.
  2. In the Object Explorer, expand Workflow Policy Object, and select Assignment Object.

    TIP:   If Workflow Policy Object is not visible in the Object Explorer, you can enable it by selecting View > Options > Object Explorer in the Development Tools Options dialog box.

  3. In the Workflow Policy Objects window, select the workflow policy object type for which you want to add the new assignment object.
  4. Select the Assignment Objects window and choose Edit > New Record.
  5. Configure the assignment object by setting values in the appropriate fields for each property.

    For a list of assignment object properties and their default values, see Object Types Reference.

  6. If you are running dynamic assignment, activate an assignment policy for the assignment object.

    For more information on dynamic assignment, see Process of Defining Assignment Policies for Dynamic Assignment.

  7. Update your deployment with the new configurations.

    For instructions, see Updating Your Assignment Manager Deployment with New Configurations.

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