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Scenario for Working with Delegated Administrators

This scenario is one of the topics for About Assignment Rule Group Hierarchy.

A sales organization for a high tech company wants to create assignment rules that are inheritable and configurable by several different levels in the organization. The requirements are:

  • Handle large sales leads internally; handle small sales leads externally using partners
  • Promptly assign sales leads to the most qualified representative
  • Design complex assignment rules, making use of the delegated assignment inheritance and criteria templates features to allow for uncomplicated rule administration by persons at all levels

In this scenario, the Sales EVP, vice presidents, regional sales managers, partners, and sales representatives participate in delegated assignment for one rule group hierarchy as shown in Figure 30.

Figure 30. Sample Delegated Assignment Organization Chart
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Figure 30 shows the following relationships:

  • Amy, Executive Vice President of Sales, is the assignment administrator (AA)
  • Two vice presidents report to Amy:
    • Lance, VP Direct Sales
    • Henry, VP Channel Sales

      Lance and Henry are 2nd-tier delegated administrators

  • Two managers report to Lance:
    • Sarah, Western Regional Manager
    • Rick, Eastern Regional Manager

      Sarah and Rick are 3rd-tier delegated administrators (DAs)

  • Two partners report to Henry:
    • Robin, Partner 1
    • Sam, Partner 2

      Robin and Sam are also 3rd-tier delegated administrators (DAs)

  • Three western regional sales representatives report to Sarah
  • Three partner sales representatives report to Robin

Table 44 provides sample responsibilities for each of the positions discussed previously.

Table 44. Sample Positions and Responsibilities for Delegated Assignment Scenario
Responsible for ...

Executive Vice President (EVP) of Sales

Making sure large leads are handled by internal sales representatives and small leads are handled by partner sales representatives.

VP Direct Sales

Making sure leads are routed to the right regional manager.

VP Channel Sales

Making sure leads are routed to the right partner.

Regional Manager

Making sure leads are routed to the best sales representative.


Making sure leads are routed to best partner employee (because the high tech company cannot determine which partner employee is best suited for the lead).

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