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Summary for Examples of Working with Delegated Administrators

This summary is one of the topics for About Assignment Rule Group Hierarchy.

The following bullet points further summarize the delegated assignment activities as they pertain to the examples:

  • The examples describe a four-level assignment model. However, this is no limit to the number of levels that the delegated assignment manager feature supports, and there is no limit to the number of branches in a level. In these examples, the levels are:

    Level 1 = Amy
    Level 2 = Lance, Henry
    Level 3 = Sarah, Rick, Robin, Sam
    Level 4 = West Sales Reps 1,2,3, and Partner 1 Sales Reps 1,2,3

  • Rules group hierarchies are executed from the bottom up. For example, Assignment Manager attempts to use Robin's rules to match a particular lead to a candidate before it tries to use Henry's rules. However, if Robin's rules fail, Assignment Manager then tries Henry's rules, and assigns the lead to Robin, and so on up the hierarchy.
  • Each rule group owner can assign a designee.

    Designess have the same responsibilities as an owner. You may want to delegate your ownership to someone else, such as an administrative assistant, to perform the tasks.

  • Each partner should assign one person as the delegated administrator—in these examples, either Robin or Sam—and that person should manage the partner's rule group. This same person should receive all leads that are not assigned to the partner's sales representatives.
  • AAs and DAs can create new criteria (you are not required to use criteria templates). However, it is recommended that the AA create criteria templates for the most common criteria to ease the learning curve for the DAs.

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