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Delegated Assignment Example 4: Third-Tier Delegated Administrator Tasks for Partners

This example is one of the topics for About Assignment Rule Group Hierarchy.

The 2nd-Tier partner delegated administrator makes sure that leads that have been assigned to Partner 1 are routed to the best sales representative and that no leads go unassigned.

  1. In the Rule Group Explorer, select the rule group previously created by the 2nd-tier delegated administrator (Henry, in this example).

    In this example, assuming Henry created Assignment Rule 30 for Robin and Assignment Rule 40 for Sam, Robin selects Rule Group 30.

  2. Inherit the assignment rule (or rules).

    In this example, Robin inherits Henry's rule three times and refines each rule to make sure leads are routed to one of Partner 1's three sales representatives.

    For information about inheriting an assignment rule, see Inheriting Delegated Assignment Rules.

  3. Refine the inherited rule (or rules).
    1. Apply criteria templates.

      See Applying Criteria Templates to Inherited Assignment Rules.

    2. Add candidates.

      See Adding Employees, Positions, and Organizations to Assignment Rules.

  4. Add owners to the inheritance access list for the assignment rule.

    See Adding Owners to the Inheritance Access List.

    In this example, use the following information:

    Apply to
    Assignment Rule 30A
    Assignment Rule 30B
    Assignment Rule 30C


    Leads > $100k1

    Leads > $100k1

    Leads > $100k1


    Product Line = PCs2

    Product Line = PCs1

    Product Line = PCs1


    Product = Desktops

    Product = Notebooks2

    Product = Peripherals2


    Partner 1 Sales Rep 1

    Partner 1 Sales Rep 2

    Partner 1 Sales Rep 3

    1This criteria is already inherited and is Read Only.

    2Applied from criteria templates.

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