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About the Assignment Manager Administration Views

Assignment Manager functionality is administered with two administration screens, Administration - Assignment and Administration - Delegated Assignment.

Administration - Assignment Screen

Assignment administrators (AAs) uses the assignment administration views (Navigate > Site Map > Administration - Assignment) to create and administer assignment rules and perform the following tasks:

  • Create assignment rules
  • Associate assignment rules to appropriate rule groups (or the Default Rule Group)
  • Apply criteria to assignment rules
  • Apply business-defined candidates to assignment rules
Territories List View

Within the Administration - Assignment screen, there is Territories List view, which was originally designed for sales organizations. However, this view functions exactly as the Assignment Rule List and Assignment Criteria views. The Territory List view has been simplified to allow users to define their sales territories. For this reason, some of the assignment options covered in this guide do not appear in the Territory List view.

NOTE:  The Territory List view may eventually be phased out from the assignment administration screens. If your current configuration uses these views, they can migrate to the existing assignment views with no loss of functionality or data. For further information about Territory views, contact Siebel Technical Support.

TIP:   The Territories List view has no relationship with the Territory Management screen and views. The data shown for each differs and how the data is used differs.

Administration - Delegated Assignment Screen

Delegated administrators (DAs) use the delegated assignment administration views (Navigate > Site Map > Administration - Delegated Assignment) to inherit and refine assignment rules and perform the following tasks:

  • Inherit assignment rules and further specify assignment rule behavior and candidates
  • Choose to delegate rule responsibility by creating child rule groups and making rules inheritable to the owners of those child rule groups
  • DAs lower in the hierarchy can then inherit the refined rules, modify them, or choose to further delegate.

NOTE:  Delegation and inheritance can go many levels deep within a single hierarchy.

In the Administration - Delegated Assignment screen, rule group owners have visibility for their rule groups (and subtrees). AAs also have visibility for rules only in their organizations but have unrestricted access to rule administration within those organizations.

For more information about delegated assignment, see Assignment Rule Administration for Delegated Assignment.

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