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Example of Using Assignment Skills in Assignment Rules

This topic gives one example of using skills to determine who passes an assignment rule. You may use this feature differently, depending on your business model.

The following procedure explains how to configure Assignment Manager so that only employees who speak Spanish are assigned a service request.

To configure Assignment Manager to assign a service request only to employees who speak Spanish

  1. Create a service request with Language as the skill and Spanish as the skill item.
    1. In the Service Request skill table for the service request, create one record and specify Language as the skill.
    2. In the child Service Request skill item table, create one record and specify Spanish as the skill item.
  2. Create an assignment rule that filters employees based on their language skills.
    1. Create an assignment rule and apply the Service Request assignment object.
    2. Create a criterion called Language and use the Compare to Person assignment rule comparison method.

      This criterion, and therefore the rule, passes only employees who have the Spanish language skill.

NOTE:  The previous example used the Compare to Person comparison method, however, skill matching can be used with other comparison methods. For more information about comparison methods, see Assignment Criteria Comparison Methods.

Assignment Manager can also do skill matching with expertise codes and can use weighting factors to assign weighted scores to different expertise codes. For more information about skill matching using expertise codes and weighting factors, see Process of Defining Criteria Values as Skills with Expertise Codes and Weighting Factors.

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