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Process of Defining Criteria Values as Skills with Expertise Codes and Weighting Factors

You define skills in the same manner as you define criteria values. Defining criteria values as skills with expertise codes is a preconfigured feature of assignment criteria values and works with assignment rules for service objects (or any other object you configure to use skills). By default, sales objects do not use skills.

To define criteria values as skills with expertise codes and weighting factors, perform the following tasks:

  1. (Optional) Creating Expertise Codes for Skills
  2. Adding Criteria Values as Skills to Assignment Rules Using Expertise Codes
  3. (Optional) Defining Weighting Factors for Expertise Codes

These tasks are one step in Process of Defining Assignment Rules.

NOTE:  Criteria and skills need the same Assignment Criteria Attribute enabled for Assignment Manager to perform skill comparison. For more information about enabling Assignment Criteria Attributes, see Creating Assignment Criteria Attributes for Assignment Criteria.

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