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About Assignment Policies

Siebel applications include predefined assignment policies for each of the predefined assignment objects. You should use these predefined assignment policies, however, you can also create new assignment policies for dynamic assignment. If you plan to use the predefined assignment policies, you must first activate them.

A Workflow Monitor Agent detects when a user changes data related to objects, and each Workflow Monitor Agent can monitor one or more assignment policies. You can use a single Workflow Monitor Agent to monitor all assignment policies by placing all assignment policies in the same workflow group (the predefined assignment policies are defined this way). You can also place the assignment policies in separate workflow groups and dedicate Workflow Monitor Agents for each workflow group.

The Assignment Manager workflow policy actions you can use for an assignment policy are:

  • Assignment Request (In Process). This action assigns rows in its own process and does not use the AsgnSrvr server component.
  • Assignment Request. This action routes the requests to an AsgnSrvr process running in default mode.

If you want to use the rule group feature in dynamic assignment, create a workflow process that submits requests to the Assignment Server (AsgnSrvr) server component using a business service.

For more information about Workflow Monitor Agent, see About Running Dynamic Assignment and Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide.

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