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Defining Server Key Maps for Assignment Rule Groups

This topic explains how to define server key maps for assignment rule groups. You can at anytime change a server key mapping to another rule group or another Siebel Server.

To define a server key map

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Assignment screen > Server Key Mappings view.
  2. In the Assignment Server Key Mappings list, click New.
  3. In the new record, click in the available fields to enter relevant information.

Table 35 shows the predefined fields.

Table 35. Server Key Map Fields

Assignment Rule Group

The assignment rule group that you wish to associate with a particular Siebel Server running Assignment Manager.

Siebel Server Name

The name of the Siebel Server that is running that instance of Assignment Manager. Note that you should enter the logical Siebel Server name, not the machine name.

For more information about Siebel Servers, see Siebel System Administration Guide.

If you want to exclusively mark certain rule groups for use with server key maps, you can set the Key Based flag to true for these rule groups (using the Key Based list column on the assignment Rule Groups List view). These rule groups are not loaded by any Assignment Manager component operating in default mode. For more information on rule group usage, see Creating Assignment Rule Groups.

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