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Releasing Assignment Rules

After you define your assignment rules or make any changes to the rules, criteria, values, or candidates (employee, position, or organization) for the assignment rules, you must release them to instruct Assignment Manager to use these rules. Releasing assignment rules also updates the rulecache.dat file. For more information about the rulecache.dat file, see About Assignment Manager Rule Cache Files.

NOTE:  The following procedure releases all assignment rules simultaneously. Do not release assignment rules while associated server tasks are running.

After you have defined your assignment rules, you need to release the rules and possibly perform a a few additional administrative tasks.

To release assignment rules

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Assignment screen > Assignment Rules List view.
  2. In the Assignment Rules list, click the Release button.

    A confirmation message appears indicating the rules have been released.

NOTE:  You can also update the rule cache by deleting the rule cache files and restarting the Siebel Server. Search for *rulecache*.dat in the siebel_server\bin folder.

TIP:   If you want to verify the new or modified rules have been applied, check the timestamp of the rulecache.dat file or the AsgnSrvr log file.

When a new Siebel Server is installed—for instance, as part of an upgrade—pending assignment rules are released (the rule cache is recreated) on the first startup. It is recommended that you release assignment rules after installation so that servers in the deployment recreate the same rule cache.

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