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Running Interactive Assignment

Running Assignment Manager in interactive mode allows end users to make real-time assignments. End users can review a list of potential assignees generated by Assignment Manager, then select and confirm, or override the assignment from the generated potential candidate list. For example, a call center agent might review potential candidates for an activity, then based on the candidates' assignment scores, expertise, or workload, assign the best candidate for the job.

The Activity and Service Request assignment objects are predefined to use interactive assignment, which allows you to assign employees to activities and service requests in real time. However, you can configure other assignment objects to use interactive assignment. For information about how to configure assignment objects to use interactive assignment, see Configuring Assignment Objects for Interactive Assignment.

You can run interactive assignment using any of the following:

  • Siebel Developer Web Client
  • Siebel Web Client (also known as zero footprint client)
  • Command-line Server Manager (srvrmgr) program

NOTE:  Before running interactive assignment using the Siebel Developer Web Client, it is recommended that you verify that the correct parameter settings exist in your Siebel client configuration (.cfg) file. The parameters identified in this configuration file specify the location of the Siebel Server where Assignment Manager is running and are automatically created during installation of the Siebel client. For information about the Siebel client installation process and configuration file, see the Siebel Installation Guide for the operating system you are using.

NOTE:  Mobile users running Assignment Manager in interactive mode do not make real-time assignments, because interactive assignments made by mobile users are not applied to the server until they resynchronize.


Interactive assignment requires that the:

  • Assignment Manager server component is Online
  • Server Request Broker server component is Running
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