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Example of Running Interactive Assignment for Service Requests from the UI

This topic gives one example of running interactive assignment from the user interface (UI). The example is applicable for use with the Siebel Developer Web Client as well as the Siebel Web Client. You may use this feature differently, depending on your business model.

To run interactive assignment for a service request

  1. Navigate to the Service Requests screen > All Service Requests view.
  2. In the Service Requests list, select an open Service Request for assignment.
  3. In the More Info form, click the Menu button and select Assign to start interactive assignment.

    For an example, see Figure 4.

  4. Choose an assignee from the list of best candidates provided by Assignment Manager.

The Siebel client:

  • Communicates with the Siebel Assignment Manager on the Siebel Server and creates a list of qualified employees for the service request.
  • Displays the list of qualified employees to the Siebel user, sorted by the descending order of scores.
  • Sets the service request owner to the employee that you choose.
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