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Preparing to Run Assignment Manager

Assignment Manager obtains information required for operation from the following sources:

  • The assignment rules and criteria as well as employees, positions, and organizations that are read from the rule cache file.
  • The properties of assignment objects and their property values, the list of values for the picklists, and assignment criteria, attributes, workflow policy components, workflow policy component columns, and other repository information from the database.
  • Input parameters for the server component

NOTE:  Assignment Manager uses many Siebel Server resources. It is recommended you monitor the Siebel Servers whenever Assignment Manager is invoked, especially if you run multiple instances at the same time. For more information about running multiple instances of Assignment Manager, see About Running Multiple Instances of Assignment Manager in Batch Mode.

Before running Assignment Manager, you must perform several preparatory tasks. These tasks include:

  1. Assigning Rules. See Process of Defining Assignment Rules
  2. Updating Your Assignment Manager Deployment with New Configurations
  3. Checking the State of the Assignment Manager and Server Request Broker Components
  4. Modifying the Assignment Manager Server Component Parameters
  5. Setting the Log Level of Assignment Manager Events

In addition to the preparatory tasks, there are server administration requirements that should be considered before running Assignment Manager. For a discussion of these requirements, see the following topics:

Siebel Assignment Manager Administration Guide