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Starting Workflow Monitor Agent for Dynamic Assignment Using the Command-Line Interface

To run dynamic assignment, the Workflow Monitor Agent (the WorkMon server component) needs to be running. This server component monitors the S_ESCL_REQ table. Database triggers, when fired because of object changes, create records in the S_ESCL_REQ table. The Workflow Monitor Agent reads these new records and processes requests for Assignment Manager policies. Affected objects are then dynamically assigned.

NOTE:  Dynamic assignment does not log information into S_ESCL_LOG. For more information about log files, see System Monitoring and Diagnostics Guide for Siebel Business Applications.

To start Workflow Monitor Agent from the command-line interface

  1. Determine the workflow group that you want Workflow Monitor Agent to monitor.
    1. Navigate to the Administration - Assignment screen > Assignment Policies view.
    2. In the Policy Group field in the Assignment Policies list, choose the workflow group (the default group is Assignment Group).
  2. Start the srvmgr program.

    For detailed information on this process, see Siebel System Administration Guide. After the program starts, the prompt changes to:

    srvmgr: server_name>

  3. At the prompt, enter the following information to start the Workflow Monitor Agent server component task; use the Group information gathered from Step 1 (Assignment Group used in this example):

    start task for component workmon with GroupName="Assignment Group"

  4. Configure other component parameters, if needed.

    For more information about other configurable parameters, see Table 49.

    NOTE:  Separate the parameters and their values in the command-line statement with commas.

  5. Alternatively, you can configure a Workflow Monitor Agent to start automatically to process assignment requests whenever the Siebel Server starts.

    For more information on Workflow Monitor Agent, see Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide.

This command starts a new task running in the background and returns to the Server Manager immediately.

NOTE:  It is possible to set up multiple Workflow Monitor Agents for dynamic assignment. For more information on setting up multiple Workflow Monitor Agents, see the "Starting Workflow Agent Processes Automatically with Siebel Server" topic of Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide.

Table 49 shows the Workflow Monitor Agent command-line interface parameters.

Table 49. WorkMon Command-Line Interface Parameters
Parameter Name
Default Value

Action Interval


Do not reexecute actions within specified interval in minutes


Cache size of Policy violations


Number of policy violations to store in cache


Cache size of last user information


Number of last user information items to cache


Group Name


Group Name


Ignore errors


Ignore errors while processing requests


Mail Server


Name of email server to send notification of abnormal termination


Mailing Address


Mail address to review notification of abnormal termination


Number of days to keep violation information


Number of days worth of violation information that should be retained


Number of seconds to retry


Number of seconds to retry sending a Generic Request message


Processes the batch Policies


Process the batch policies


Reload Policy


Reload Policy Interval in seconds


Request delete size


Request delete size


Requests per iteration


Requests per iteration


Sleep Time


Time to sleep between iterations (in seconds)—that is, the frequency of time the Workflow Monitor Agent polls the S_ESCL_REQ table (escalation request table) and assigns rows.

For example, if SleepTime is set to 60 seconds, the Workflow Monitor Agent polls the S_ESCL_REQ table, then wait 60 seconds before it polls it again.


Use Action Agent


Use Action Agent


For detailed information on starting, stopping, and monitoring server tasks, see Siebel System Administration Guide. For further information about the Workflow Monitor Agent, see Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide.

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