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Running Mobile Assignment

Use Mobile Assignment to reassign people based on changes uploaded by mobile clients. Assignment Manager assigns objects after a mobile client synchronizes with the Siebel Server and uploads assignment requests or any changes to objects and assignment rules. Depending on the configuration of Generate Triggers, the Workflow Monitor detects these changes and activates Assignment Manager to dynamically reassign affected objects.

NOTE:  If a disconnected client sends an assignment request to the Siebel Server while running Mobile Assignment, the request is sent as an asynchronous request. Because of this, the request does not override the Keep Manual Assign property.

To run mobile assignment

  1. Be sure that you have run the Generate Triggers server component.

    For instructions, see Generating Triggers for Dynamic Assignment Using the UI.

  2. Start the Workflow Monitor Agent.

    For instructions, see Starting Workflow Monitor Agent for Dynamic Assignment Using the Command-Line Interface.

NOTE:  If running interactive assignment, make sure the Server Request Broker server component is running. For instructions on checking the status of a server component, see Siebel System Administration Guide.

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