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About Using External Components to Invoke Assignment Manager

You can make assignments by invoking Assignment Manager from within a Siebel workflow process, business service, or Siebel script interface.

Assignment Manager provides the ability of sharing inputs and outputs (supports rerouting of objects) with an external component. Assignment Manager can return qualified or assigned candidates along with their scores in the form of a hierarchical property set. A property set is a set of name-value pairs that are used by various Siebel components to pass information back and forth between them.

This feature is particularly useful in a workflow process. For example, a business service step in a workflow process might call on Assignment Manager (with the assignment mode set to Match) to evaluate potential candidates and return the set of qualified candidates in a property set along with their scores. Then, the workflow process can—based on other business logic—decide the set of candidates that are assigned.

NOTE:  Before version 7.7, Assignment Manager could only write qualified or assigned candidates to the database.

Assignment Manager integration behavior is controlled by the ReturnPropSet server parameter (ReturnPropSet). Table 50 lists the conditions for which Assignment Manager returns a property set or writes the results to the database.

Table 50. ReturnPropSet Server Parameter Behavior
Writes to Database
Returns Property Set



If ReturnPropSet is FALSE, writes to database

No property set returned

If ReturnPropSet is TRUE, does not write to database

Qualified candidates returned


Writes to database

No property set returned


Writes to database

If ReturnPropSet is TRUE


Writes to database

No property set returned

Figure 31 illustrates the structure of the output property set that Assignment Manager returns from a synchronous request, given the input parameter AsgnMode = Match or MatchAssign.

Figure 31. Example of Output Property Set Structure Returned from a Synchronous Request
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