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What's New in This Release

What's New in Siebel Assignment Manager Administration Guide, Version 7.8

Table 1 lists changes described in this version of the documentation to support release 7.8 of the software.

Table 1. New Product Features in Siebel Assignment Manager Administration Guide, Version 7.8

New assignment object types and hierarchy

See About Assignment Manager Object Types and About Assignment Manager Object Type Hierarchy and Relationships.

New object types include:

  • Assignment Object Extension
  • Dynamic Candidate Component
  • Dynamic Candidate Component Col

Enhanced dynamic candidate capability

See Working with Dynamic Candidates.

Added a new chapter to consolidate dynamic candidate functionality. The enhanced capability allows you to:

  • Create dynamic candidate teams
  • Configure team-based and composite team-based criteria
  • Specify n-level join specifications when creating the dynamic candidate definition

    NOTE:  Before version 7.8, you could only assign dynamic candidates two levels deep from the assignment object primary table.

Reporting Mode

See About Running Assignment Manager in Reporting Mode.

Allows for what-if scenarios for possible assignments before making actual assignments.

NOTE:  Before version 7.8, only the production mode was available.

Expanded rule group support

See About Configuring Assignment Manager to Copy Columns.

Allows you to retain position-specific data.

Assignment Load Splitter Configuration

See Assignment Load Splitter Configuration.

Added a new chapter. A new view in the Assignment - Administration screen allows you to configure Assignment Manager to split objects for processing into separate batches and submit those batch requests to multiple servers.

Additional Changes

This version of the documentation also contains the following general changes:

  • Most content in this guide was rewritten and reorganized to enhance usability.
  • The following terms were changed throughout the book:
    • Siebel Business Applications replaces Siebel eBusiness Applications
    • Siebel Dedicated Web Client was renamed to Siebel Developer Web Client
  • Several new server component job parameters were added.

    For a list of all server component parameters available for use with Assignment Manager, see Modifying the Assignment Manager Server Component Parameters.

  • The Dynamic Candidate assignment object type definitions and usage have changed. For example, as of version 7.8, the Dynamic Candidate Attribute object type is no longer used; use the Dynamic Candidate Component Col object type instead.

    For information about the Dynamic Candidates object types, see About Assignment Manager Object Types.

  • The following Dynamic Candidate object type properties are no longer used:
    • Attribute Id Column
    • Attribute Table
    • Object Id Column
    • Score Column
    • Team Table
    • Team Table Attribute Id Column
    • Team Table Candidate Id Column

      However, these properties remain in the repository for upgrade purposes.

  • Added a new chapter for availability-based assignment topics; however, there are only minor content changes. See Availability-Based Assignment.
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