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Account Setup Using Siebel Automotive

You set up the account hierarchy and organizational framework for accounts during the initial application set up. See Applications Administration Guide for initial and ongoing procedures.

The abbreviated tasks in this section address business reasons for maintaining data in the Accounts screen of Siebel Automotive.

About Maintaining Account Integrity and Performance

Accounts are primarily maintained by end users, but there are some ongoing tasks you can perform to make sure that the data integrity of accounts does not adversely affect the performance of Siebel Automotive.

Working with Abandoned Accounts

End users may abandon accounts instead of changing their status to inactive, as shown in Table 3. Abandoned accounts may increase the time necessary to conduct searches, queries, and other calls to the database.

Table 3. Working with Abandoned Accounts

Assignment Manager is being used

Accounts are transferred to new account team members during territory reassignments, attrition, and other organizational changes.

Assignment Manager is not being used

You must:

  • Conduct routine queries to make sure that accounts with no activity are marked as inactive.
  • Make sure that all accounts have an active team or at least a primary team member assigned to the account.

Otherwise, accounts that are abandoned do not appear in an end user's My Accounts list.

The account is reactivated as an opportunity later

The historical activities and opportunities associated with that account is not available.

About Querying for Abandoned Accounts

You can create queries to monitor accounts at intervals to make sure accounts have a primary team member. If you locate an abandoned account, change the account Status to Inactive.

NOTE:  Select an inactive status for an account, unless the account is a duplicate that does not need to be merged with another account, or the inactive period exceeds the company's data retention period.

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