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Scenarios for Working with Automotive Preventive Maintenance

The preventive maintenance engine can automatically generate service requests and activities based on triggers set up for mileage, time intervals, or threshold events.

This section provides scenarios for business-to-consumer preventive maintenance. The order in which the procedures are performed may vary based on the business practices of the end user's company.

There are two types of preventive maintenance (PM) plans that can be used to generate PM actions:

Periodic Maintenance Scenario

Periodic maintenance is recommended by the manufacturer and is known in advance of the scheduled event.

A dealership sold a vehicle to a customer a few months ago. Based on the common driving habits, the dealership has set up calculations to determine the average mileage the customer drives during a time period. Once the time period elapses, the Siebel Automotive PM engine automatically creates a PM action and generates an activity and a service request. The activity reminds the dealership to call the new customer and schedule an appointment for the recommended service. This scenario provides the dealership with an opportunity to gain revenue from the ongoing service associated with the vehicle.

Triggered Maintenance Scenario

Maintenance can be triggered based on data received from the vehicle. For example, if the vehicle's oil pressure drops below a specified level, Siebel Automotive can generate a PM action to notify the customer to take the vehicle to the dealer for service.

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