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Configuring Vehicles and Options

You can use Siebel Configurator to create models of individual products, or entire product lines, that customers and dealers can use to configure products. When a customer visits a dealer who uses Siebel Dealer, the sales consultant can use the configuration in the sales process, suggesting additional options that interest the customer. The Siebel Configurator provides freedom of choice in configuring the vehicle and finding a valid solution.

For example, a customer may tell the dealer that the customer wants aluminum wheels as an option. The configuration model that you set up can tell the dealer what aluminum wheels are available for that make of car. When the customer chooses one type of wheel, the configuration model can indicate whether special tires are needed for that type of wheel. It can also suggest that customers who buy that type of wheel may also want dual exhaust.

For more information about using Configurator to define products, see Product Administration Guide.

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