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Assigning Sales History to a Dealer

Siebel Automotive lets you enter or import a vehicle's sales history. Usually, dealers maintain their sales history in a Dealer Management System (DMS). After making a sale, the dealer reports it to the manufacturer, using an interface provided by the manufacturer. The OEM can then import it into Siebel Automotive using Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager (EIM).

For more information about sales history, see Siebel Automotive Guide.

The sales history is automatically visible to the selling dealer. If the value in the Selling Dealer field is the organization of the employee who is logged in, then that employee will be able to view the sales history.

Siebel Dealer differs from Siebel Automotive, because in Siebel Dealer, sales history is only visible to the company in the Selling Dealer field. Siebel Automotive lets the OEM view the sales history for all organizations.

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