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Entering Opportunities to Sell to Dealers

When OEMs or dealer groups sell to dealers, they work with opportunities to sell to dealers, just as other companies work with opportunities from their customers. The Dealer Opportunities view is used by OEMs and dealer groups to sell to their dealers.

For more information about working with opportunities, see Applications Administration Guide.

NOTE:  Because dealer opportunities and service requests are used by OEMs selling to dealers, they should be enabled only if Siebel Automotive is being used as an OEM. They should not be enabled if Siebel Automotive is being used by a dealer group.

To enter an opportunity to sell to a dealer

  1. Navigate to the Dealers screen.
  2. In the Dealers list, select the dealer company for which you want to enter an opportunity.
  3. Click the Opportunities view tab.

    The Dealer Opportunities view appears with a list of all opportunities to sell to this dealer.

  4. In the Opportunities list, click New to add a new Opportunity record, and enter the appropriate information in its fields.
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