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Viewing a Dealer's Service Requests

Because OEMs sell to dealers, they get service requests from dealers for products that they have sold to them, just as other companies get service requests from their customers. The Dealer Service Requests view is used by OEMs and dealer groups to track service requests from their dealers.

Dealers may telephone your call center with service requests, and your call center agents would enter the service requests in Siebel Automotive. Dealers can also enter service requests directly in the Siebel Dealer Self-Service screen, and they will appear in your service agents' queues, along with service requests that were phoned in.

These service requests also appear in the Service screen, where your service agents access them, along with other service requests in their queue. The Dealer Service Requests view is a convenient way of viewing all the service requests from a dealer in one place; it is not the main screen service agents use to respond to service requests.

The Dealer Service Requests view displays all service requests from a dealer regardless of whether their status is open or closed.

For more information about working with service requests, see Applications Administration Guide.

To view all service requests from a dealer company

  1. Navigate to the Dealers screen.
  2. In the Dealers list, select the dealer company whose service requests you want to view.
  3. Click the Service Requests view tab.

    The Service Requests list includes all service requests from this dealer.

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