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About Business Rules for Dealers

Business rules can be used in several ways:

  • OEMs can provide rule templates for dealers to use as a starting point for automating their operations.
  • Dealers can subscribe to rules that the OEMs provided and can change these rules using Siebel Dealer.
  • OEMs can create rules that dealers have to follow.

For example, for a special promotion, dealers may want to send letters to customers whose hobby is sailing. The OEM can create a template that generates these letters and sends them to a fulfillment house for mailing.

In this example, while creating the rule, the OEM could set two parameters: the form-letter template used for the letter and the fulfillment house that mails the letters.

After the OEM creates and publishes these business rules, dealers can use them. Dealers can change these parameters to select a different form letter or a different fulfillment house.

Using the actions that are shipped with Siebel Dealer, you can create business rules that send letters, send emails, and create activities for sales or service representatives. By creating additional actions, you can also create business rules that automate many other tasks.

There are two other features that you can use to supplement these business rules:

  • You can use the Dealer Preference screen to define rules that send emails or create activities when a lease expires, when there is no activity in the sales process, when there is an anniversary of a vehicle sale, or when you should follow up on a vehicle sale. The dealer can also use this screen to create other rules. For more information, see Generating Follow-Up Communications (Dealer).
  • You can use Delegated Assignment Manager to define rules for assigning opportunities or service requests. For more information, see Siebel Assignment Manager Administration Guide.
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