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Process of Creating Business Rule Templates for Dealers

To create a business rule template, you must create three records:

  • Business Rule Template. The business rule template includes general information about the business rule. You also use this record to select the business object that the rule applies to. For example, to send an email to customers on their birthdays, you would select Contact in the Object field, because the customer's birthday is a field in the Contact record.
  • Criteria. The criteria determines whether the rule applies to a record. You select a field in the business object, a condition and a value. For example, you could create the criteria Hobby Equals Sailing, so the rule only applies if Sailing is entered in the Hobby field in the Contact record. A rule can also have multiple criteria.

    Criteria can also use functions such as Today(), so you can create criteria such as Birthday=Today for a rule that fires on the customer's birthday. Criteria can use all the functions that can be used in calculated fields. For more information about these functions, see Using Siebel Tools.

  • Action. The action determines what the rule does. You choose the action from a list of actions that apply to the business object, and you select the appropriate parameters for this action. For example, you could choose the action Send Letter to the Contact. For this action, the parameters you choose are the form letter template and the fulfillment house. A rule can also have multiple actions.

To create a business rule template, perform the following tasks:

  1. Creating New Actions for Dealer Business Rules (optional)
  2. Adding Dealer Business Rule Templates
  3. Adding Criteria for Dealer Business Rules
  4. Adding Actions for Dealer Business Rules
  5. Publishing Dealer Business Rules
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