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Creating the Store Monthly Forecast (Dealer)

After all the sales managers have entered their forecasts, the dealership's general manager can create the store forecast on the basis of the sales manager's forecasts.

The Forecast screen, Store Forecast view allows the general manager to look at the total forecast for the store for each month, which is the sum of all the sales managers' forecasts. Sales managers forecasts will be shown here only if they have been marked as part of store monthly forecast in Employee Yearly and Monthly Forecast Admin view. The sales manager can adjust this forecast to set a more realistic forecast for the month.

NOTE:  If not all sales managers have entered their forecast, the general manager can add records and enter forecasts for them by clicking Add All Employees Who Report to Me, as described in Creating Sales Managers' Monthly Forecasts (Dealer).

This task is a step in Process of Creating the Monthly Forecast (Dealer).

To create the store forecast

  1. Navigate to the Monthly Forecast screen.
  2. From the Show drop-down list, select Store's Monthly Forecast.
  3. In the Store's Monthly Forecast list, select the record for the coming month and scroll down to view the Sales Managers Forecast list.
  4. If the general manager thinks the sales managers' estimates are not accurate, the general manager adjusts the monthly forecast for the store:
    1. In the Monthly Forecast list, the record for that period should already be selected.
    2. Change the values in the Monthly Forecast Retail New, Monthly Forecast Retail Used, and Monthly Forecast Fleet fields.
  5. Click Roll-Up.

    The monthly forecast appears.

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