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Process of Creating the Monthly Forecast (Dealer)

At the end of the each month, the dealership's general manager usually consults with sales managers and sales managers consult with sales consultants to create the sales forecast for the next month. These forecasts are the sales goals for the store and the sales goal for each consultant for the month.

Siebel Dealer automates this consultation process. The sales consultants enter their forecasts in Siebel Dealer, and the sales managers use these to create their forecasts. Then the general manager uses the sales managers' forecasts to create the store forecast.

The process of creating monthly forecasts is similar to the process of creating yearly forecasts, except that:

  • Monthly forecasts are done once a month, and yearly forecasts are done once a year.
  • Monthly forecasts begin with sales consultant forecasts, which are used as the basis of the sales managers' forecasts and the store forecasts. Yearly Forecasts begin with sales managers' forecasts, which are used as the basis of the store forecast.

To create the monthly forecast, the dealer goes through the following steps:

  1. Creating the Framework for Yearly and Monthly Forecasts (Dealer)
  2. Creating Sales Consultants' Monthly Forecasts (Dealer)
  3. Creating Sales Managers' Monthly Forecasts (Dealer)
  4. Creating the Store Monthly Forecast (Dealer)
  5. Viewing the Monthly Forecast (Dealer)
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