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Assigning Unassigned Opportunities (Dealer)

In addition to the walk-in customers who are entered in the showroom log, there may be other opportunities displayed in the Unassigned Opportunities screen, which the dealer receptionist or some other dealer employee can assign to sales consultants.

The Unassigned Opportunities screen does not display opportunities entered in the showroom log. It displays other opportunities that do not have an assigned sales consultant. For example, it can display Internet leads which were imported into the system from other sources, so they do not have assigned sales consultants.

When an opportunity is assigned, the contacts for that opportunity also are automatically assigned to the sales consultant.

This task is a step in Process of Using the Showroom Log (Dealer).

To assign an unassigned opportunity to a sales consultant

  1. Navigate to the Unassigned Opportunities screen.
  2. In the Unassigned Opportunities Log list, select the opportunity of the next customer.
  3. Click Assign.
  4. In the Pick Position dialog box, select a sales consultant and click OK.
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