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Creating the Sales Manager's Yearly Forecast (Dealer)

After the general manager has created the framework for the yearly forecasting process, the general sales manager tells the sales managers to add their estimated figures for the next year's sales forecast.

The sales managers or the employees that they choose to enter the forecast go to the Manager's Yearly Forecast view of the Yearly Forecast screen, and they enter the figures for each period.

This task is a step in Process of Creating the Yearly Forecast (Dealer).

To create the sales manager's yearly forecast

  1. Navigate to the Yearly Forecast screen.
  2. From the Show drop-down list, select Manager's Yearly Forecast.
  3. Click Create All Periods for Year.

    In the Yearly Forecast list, all the periods for the year appear.

  4. In a record in the Yearly Forecast list, in the Retail New, Retail Used, and Fleet fields of that record, enter an estimate of the sales of the sales manager's reports for that period.

    Retail New is forecasted retail sales of new vehicles. Retail used is forecasted retail sales of used vehicles. Fleet is forecasted sales of vehicles to fleets.

  5. Repeat Step 4 to add an estimate of sales for every period in the yearly forecast.
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