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Changing the Number of Days That Determine the Status of the Team Space

The color of the icon in the Team Space field in the Opportunity and Service Request list views indicates:

  • Whether or not a team space exists for the record
  • And, if a team space does exist, how recently it has been modified

For general information about the Team Space field, see About Using Siebel Collaboration.

This task is a step in Process of Configuring Siebel Collaboration.

To configure the number of days that determine the team space status

  1. Open the config.xml file in the Siebel-SharePoint Integration\config directory.

    For example, C:\Siebel\SharePointIntegration\config\config.xml

  2. Locate the Object Type element for the object you want to configure: for example, Opportunity or Service Request.
  3. Edit the ActiveDays and ActiveNewDays attributes for the object.

    For example, if you edit the Service Request object as follows (setting ActiveDays to 45 and ActiveNewDays to 2), then team spaces are indicated as active-new if they have been created or updated within the last two days. Team spaces are indicated as inactive if they have not been updated within the last 45 days.

    <ObjectType Type="Service Request" SitePrefix="SR" SiteTemplate="SIEBEL#0" SiteTheme="SIEBEL" ActiveDays="45" ActiveNewDays="2" UserRole="Contributor">

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