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About Using Siebel Collaboration

Users create and access team spaces for individual opportunity and service request records.

About the Team Space Field

The Team Space field appears in the Opportunities and Service Request list views (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Team Space Field in the Opportunities List View
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The icon in the field indicates whether or not a team space exists for the record. See Table 6 for information about the icons that appear in the Team Space field.

Table 6. The Team Space Field in the Opportunities and Service Requests List Views
An Icon Like This . . .
Indicates That, for This Record, . . .

No team space exists, or the team space is not available.

A team space has been created or modified within the past day. This is an active-new team space.

A team space has not been modified within the past 2-30 days. The team space is still considered to be active.

A team space has not been modified for over 30 days. This is an inactive team space.

About the Membership List for the Team Space

There are several ways that users can become members of a team space:

  • Those Siebel users who belong to the sales team (opportunities) or account team (service requests) automatically become members when the team space is created.
  • Other Siebel users become team space members when they click the Create Team Space or Collaborate buttons for the first time.
  • By being named in the User Group entries in the Siebel-SharePoint Integration Web Service's config.xml file.
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