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Copying the Siebel-SharePoint Integration Files

There are some files that you need to configure and add to various directories in the SharePoint server in order to integrate the Siebel and SharePoint applications. These files are in a directory called Addin on your Siebel Server installation.

This procedure describes copying the files to a directory on your SharePoint server. The files reside in this holding directory while you unzip and configure them before copying them into their final locations in the SharePoint installation. (This holding directory is referred to as the Addin directory on the SharePoint server in the procedures in this chapter.)

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Siebel Collaboration.

To copy the Siebel-SharePoint Integration Files

  1. Locate the SiebSrvr\Addin directory in your Siebel Server installation directory.

    NOTE:  The exact capitalization of this directory is platform dependent. For example, on UNIX platforms, it is siebsrvr\addin.

  2. Copy the Addin directory and its contents to a new directory on your SharePoint server.

    For example, create a directory called IntegrationInstall on the C drive of the SharePoint server and copy the Addin directory into it. (C:\IntegrationInstall\Addin.)

    If your Siebel Server is installed on a platform other than win32, copy the files in binary mode.

  3. Verify that the following directories appear within the Addin directory on the SharePoint server:
    • sharepoint\config
    • sharepoint\integrationwebservice
    • sharepoint\integrationwebservice\bin
    • sharepoint\template
    • sharepoint\webparts
    • sharepoint\webparts\bin
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