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Process of Setting Up Siebel Collaboration

To set up Siebel Collaboration, perform the following tasks:

Before you begin:

  1. Collecting Server Names and Directory Paths for Siebel Collaboration Setup

Set up on the Siebel side, part 1:

  1. Editing the Siebel Application CFG File for Siebel Collaboration
  2. Setting Up the Single Sign-On Table for Siebel Collaboration
  3. Setting Up the Symbolic URL for Access to the SharePoint Portal Server

Set up on the SharePoint side:

  1. Copying the Siebel-SharePoint Integration Files
  2. Installing the Siebel Site Definition for SharePoint
  3. Setting Up the Siebel-SharePoint Integration Web Service
  4. Installing the Siebel Web Part
  5. Installing Configuration Files for Siebel-SharePoint Integration

Set up on the Siebel side, part 2:

  1. Setting Up Inbound and Outbound Web Services for Siebel Collaboration
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