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Editing the Siebel Application CFG File for Siebel Collaboration  

The following procedure describes how to enable Siebel Collaboration by editing the CFG file for your Siebel application.

For general information about editing CFG files, see the Siebel System Administration Guide.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Siebel Collaboration.

To edit the CFG file for your application

  1. Open the CFG file for the application and, if the file does not already contain a [Collaboration] section, add this one:

    CollaborationEnabled = TRUE
    SecurityToken = l5t42j6d9w73
    VerifyCollaborationUser = TRUE
    UserAuthentication = CHANGE_ME (ADSI/SSO)
    DomainName = CHANGE_ME
    SSOSystem = "Team Space Collaboration"

  2. Edit the [Collaboration] section, referring to this table:


    • TRUE

    Set to TRUE to enable Siebel Collaboration for the Siebel application.


    • SecurityToken

    For example:


    This security token must be the same as the security token set in the config.xml file. (See Installing Configuration Files for Siebel-SharePoint Integration.)

    The security token is used by the Siebel Web Service running on the SharePoint server to verify the request is from a Siebel application.

    Choose a value that:

    • Is less than 65 characters
    • Contains only Unicode characters that are recognized by common text editors
    • Is sufficiently unique that a malicious user cannot guess it


    • TRUE
    • FALSE

    If set to TRUE, the Siebel application checks that the user of the client machine is the same as the user logged into the Siebel application.

    If set to FALSE, no check is performed. For example, if multiple Siebel users share one Windows user, set this parameter to FALSE.


    • ADSI
    • SSO

    Set the value corresponding to the user authentication method used for your Siebel application: ADSI or SSO. (See Table 3.)


    • domain_name

    Set the value to the domain of the Windows user. This value is case sensitive.

    NOTE:  If user credentials are not prefixed with the domain name, then this domain is used.


    • "Team Space Collaboration"

    You only need to set this parameter if UserAuthentication=SSO.

    This value specifies the SSO record that contains the mapping between the Siebel and Windows users.

  3. If, in Step 2, you set UserAuthentication to ADSI, then make sure that in the [LDAPSecAdpt] section of the CFG file, the UsernameAttributeType and UseAdapterUsername parameters are set like this:

    UsernameAttributeType = sAMAccountName
    UseAdapterUsername = FALSE

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