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Installing the Siebel Web Part

Web Part is a Microsoft SharePoint term that refers to a modular unit of information that appears on a page. In the SharePoint application, a Web Part has a similar function to an applet in the Siebel application.

The Siebel Web Part is the Web Part that displays data for a specific Siebel object.

This procedure describes how to:

  • Copy a DLL for the Siebel Web Part into the Web Site directory for the SharePoint portal site
  • Configure SharePoint's web.config file so that the Siebel Web Part is recognized as a safe control
  • Modify the trust settings in the policy file to give the Siebel Web Part full trust permissions

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Siebel Collaboration.

To install the Siebel Web Part

  1. Copy the file SiebelWebParts.dll:
    • From the addin\sharepoint\webparts\bin directory (on your SharePoint server)
    • To the local drive:\inetpub\sharepoint_portal_site\bin directory (If the bin directory does not exist, create it.)
  2. Edit the file web.config that is in the Web Site directory for the SharePoint portal site (C:\inetpub\sharepoint_portal_site) by adding the following text to the Safe Control group:

    <SafeControl Assembly="SiebelWebParts, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=20916967cfa1c936" Namespace="Siebel.WebParts" TypeName="*" Safe="True"/>

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  3. Determine the file name for the policy file used by the SharePoint portal site:
    1. In the web.config file, locate the element trust, and note the value of the level attribute for this element, for example, WSS_Minimal.
    2. Locate the securityPolicy section and locate the trustLevel element with the attribute whose name matches the level attribute that you noted in Step a, for example, WSS_Minimal.
    3. Make note of the file name for the policy file.
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  4. Edit the policy file that you noted in Step c by adding the following text before the CodeGroup element for ASP.NET:

    TIP:   Search for the string PermissionSetName="ASP.Net" to find the ASP.NET code group.

    CAUTION:  Make sure that the value in the PublicKeyBlob does not contain carriage returns. If it does, team spaces do not display.


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