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Viewing Balance Groups for a Billing Profile

In a billing profile, end users can view balance groups. A balance group is a collection of resources associated with one or more services within a bundle of services for an account. Examples of resources include:

  • 1000 free minutes applicable to all the phone lines in a family plan.
  • 1 frequent flyer mile for each minute of time on any phone line in a family plan.
  • 3 MB of data to download at no charge.
  • 100 Short Message Services (SMS) applicable to wireless and wire line services.

A balance group can have a single currency balance and multiple non-currency balances (for example, the balance of unused phone minutes). Though customers are generally not aware of balance groups in a bundle, they understand how resources are applicable to the services within a bundle. For more information about balance groups, see Process Integration for Order Management Implementation Guide.

This task is a step in Process of Viewing Billing Profile Details (End User).

To view balance groups for a billing profile

  1. Navigate to the Billing Profile portal. For instructions, see Accessing the Billing Profile Portal.
  2. Click Refresh to retrieve up-to-date data from the billing application.
  3. To view the currency and non-currency balances as well as the services for a group, select that group in the Balance Group list and scroll down to the Balance list and to the Services list.
  4. To view validity details for a balance, select that balance in the Balance listing.

    The Balance Details list displays the validity details.

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