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About Passing Customer Orders to Oracle Billing Application

When you create a customer order in Siebel Communications, the order is successfully passed to the Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) application if all of the following conditions are satisfied:

  • For the account in the order header:
    • The Account Type field must have a value of Business or Residential.
    • The Account Class field must have a value Customer, Service, or Billing.
    • The Primary Contact field must contain data.
    • An account address must be designated as the primary address.
  • The price list in the order header must be the same price list that the Oracle Communications BRM application uses.
  • The following fields in the order lines must contain data:
    • Service Id (if the order line relates to a service bundle)
    • Service Account
    • Billing Account
    • Billing Profile

      NOTE:  A billing profile is successfully passed to the billing application if the billing profile satisfies some conditions. For more information about these conditions, see Creating and Updating Billing Profiles (End User).

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