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SIS OM Submit Order Process

This workflow checks that account information exists and sets the status of the order and the line items to Open. Because only orders that do not have a status of Open are submitted, this workflow cannot submit orders more than once. Figure 20 shows this workflow.

A user initiates this workflow by clicking the Submit button on the order header form in the Order Entry views. The Submit button is hardcoded to invoke this workflow. Also, the SISOMBillingSubmitOrderWebService workflow invokes this workflow as a subprocess.

Figure 20. SIS OM Submit Order Process Workflow
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Workflow Description. This workflow:

  1. Checks that the order status is not Open.
  2. If the order has a status of Open, does not submit the order because the order is already submitted.
  3. Sets the status of the order to Open.
  4. Sets the status of each Pending line item to Open.
  5. Resets the Active Order so that the current order is no longer the active order.
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