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SIA External Integration Process

This workflow displays the content in the Billing Profile portal. This content includes balance group, unbilled usage, bill, and bill payment information. Figure 5 shows this workflow.

A user initiates this workflow by clicking the Name field for a billing profile in the Billing Profile list of the Account Summary view. Also, a user initiates this workflow by accessing the Balance Group, Unbilled Usage, Bills, and Payments views (but not the Adjustments view) within the billing profile portal and navigating within those views.

Figure 5. SIA External Integration Process Workflow
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Workflow Description. This workflow:

  1. Reads the enterprise details, such as the enterprise server name, language, and locale.
  2. Sets the enterprise details as part of the request message.
  3. Calls the appropriate proxy service based on the input that is passed to the business service, and subsequently calls the WSDL file on the integration server to get the response in Siebel message format.
  4. Retrieves the data from the Siebel message and stores the data in the property set.

Associated Business Service Methods. The following table shows the steps in this workflow that call business service methods.

Workflow Step
Method Called
In Business Service

Get Custom Attributes


CMU External Integration Service

Set Custom Attributes


CMU External Integration Service

Proxy Business Service


CMU External Integration Service



CMU External Integration Service

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