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About Communications Session Modes

Supported modes of operation for session communications are as follows:

  • Siebel Web Client. Server-based communications session. (Most customers are likely to use this mode.)
  • Siebel Developer Web Client. Two modes are supported:
    • Server-based communications session
    • Local communications session

Server-based communications sessions use the Communications Session Manager server component. Local communications sessions do not use this component, but rather perform communications processing locally, similar to Siebel CTI release 6.x.

The Communications Client and Communications Session Manager business services run on the Application Object Manager for Siebel Web Client deployments. These business services run locally for Siebel Developer Web Client deployments.

To enable communications, you configure the Siebel Web Client through the Application Object Manager. You configure Siebel Developer Web Client through the configuration file, such as uagent.cfg for Siebel Call Center.

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