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Enabling Session Communications and Simulation

Interactive session-based communications can be enabled for employees who use the Siebel Web Client or the Siebel Developer Web Client (the Siebel Mobile Web Client in connected mode). Optionally, you can also configure the Communications Simulator for your agents.

NOTE:  Siebel Systems support for the Siebel Developer Web Client is restricted to administration, development, and troubleshooting usage scenarios only. Siebel Systems does not support the deployment of this client to end users.

Session-based Communications Server functionality can be accessed either through server components or business services, depending on your Siebel client deployment choices.

NOTE:  This section applies only to enabling communications activities that use the communications toolbar or menu commands for handling voice and email channels for interactive communications.

For information about using the communications toolbar and menu items, see Using the Communications Toolbar and Using Communications Menu Commands.

For information about the communications architecture, see About Communications Server Architecture.

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