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Using the Communications Toolbar

The communications toolbar allows you to manage many types of inbound and outbound communications work items. Channel types can include voice, email, fax, and others.

Supported channel types depend on the Siebel and third-party products your company is using and on your job function. Your company may support types of communications work items not listed here.

The toolbar buttons can be configured based upon the Siebel modules and third-party communications systems available to you. The communications toolbar is used by various Siebel modules that support communications functions.

The Siebel administrator or configurator can customize the communications toolbar, such as to modify the command a button invokes or add buttons for new commands. For details, see About Communications Toolbar Configuration.

The agent can use a menu command to refresh the status of the communications toolbar. For details, see Menu Command for Refreshing the Communications Toolbar.

NOTE:  If a record is being created or edited, and has not been committed, then clicking a button on the communications toolbar might not perform the desired function correctly. You will not be able to save the record if some required fields have not yet been filled in appropriately. Before performing an action such as to transfer a call (and send a screen transfer), agents should complete and commit all changes or undo the record, as appropriate.

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