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About Communications Toolbar Configuration

This section explains how the communications toolbar buttons relate to commands defined for the communications configuration and provides information about modifying the communications toolbar for your agents.

For information about enabling communications activities through the communications toolbar, see Enabling Session Communications and Simulation.

For information about using the communications toolbar, see Using the Communications Toolbar.

The communications toolbar is defined and configured, in part, within Siebel Tools, like other toolbars in the Siebel applications. Within Siebel Tools, the Communication toolbar object definition contains, or is linked to, a series of other object definitions, including toolbar items, commands, and bitmaps.

These object definitions, combined with associated business service methods, communications commands, and bitmap image files, determine the functioning and appearance of the communications toolbar for your agents.

NOTE:  The available communications toolbar functions are also determined by functionality supported by applicable communications drivers and external communications systems, such as CTI middleware.

The communications toolbar is a Java applet, and connects to the Web server using HTTP. Toolbar functions are determined by communications events and commands, which interact with communications drivers loaded by the Communications Session Manager component. Communications between the driver and applicable middleware is subject to the implementation of the driver.

For more information about configuring object definitions for toolbars, toolbar items, commands, and bitmaps, see Configuring Siebel Business Applications and Siebel Developer's Reference.

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