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Integrating with the Customer Dashboard

The customer dashboard, located near the top of the application window for Siebel Call Center and other applications, contains fields with customer-related data for an agent to view. The customer dashboard typically displays contact information, but can be configured in Siebel Tools to display other fields.

For more information about configuring the customer dashboard using Siebel Tools, see Configuring Siebel Business Applications.

Customer dashboard fields can be populated, or cleared, automatically upon the execution of a communications event or command. For example, the fields may be populated from an event log when an inbound work item arrives, or cleared from an event log if the caller is not found in the database.

The fields in the dashboard are populated with customer data by invoking a business service and method and passing values from business component fields or event data fields, such as the ANI phone number of a caller. If a match is produced, the dashboard fields can be populated.

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