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Viewing Channel Status Data

You can use the All Channel Items view to view status data about current communications work items for agents. For each work item, the view displays the:

  • Work item's channel, such as voice, email, and so on
  • Channel target address
  • Time the work item started
  • Agent's Siebel login, agent log, and agent password

NOTE:  For each work item, the value displayed in the Start Time field is accurate only to the extent that the system time is synchronized between the various computers running instances of Communications Session Manager or Application Object Manager.

To view channel status data

  1. Navigate to Administration - Communications > All Channel Items.
  2. Click Refresh to update the displayed data.

Modifying How Channel Status Data Is Displayed

Channel status data is logged for display in the All Channel Items view only if the UpdateChannelStatusTable configuration parameter is set to TRUE. In the Siebel-provided communications configurations, this parameter is set to TRUE. For more information, see Specifying Parameters for Communications Configurations.

NOTE:  Records in the All Channel Items view reflect current activity only. If any records persist in this view for past work items, then you may need to delete such records manually in this view.

Distributing Status Data to Agents

Call-center administrators may want to distribute call-center statistics from the switch or CTI middleware to call-center agents for display in the message broadcast area of the Siebel client.

For example, it may be useful for an agent to know how long a call has been in an ACD queue before taking the call, how many calls are currently in an ACD queue, or the average talk time for a call.

Consult the documentation for your switch or CTI middleware for information about how call-center statistics can be retrieved.

You configure message broadcasting in the Message Broadcasts view, located in the Administration - Communications screen. For more information, see Applications Administration Guide.

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