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Specifying Parameters for Communications Configurations

Use the All Configurations view to specify parameter values for a communications configuration. Configuration parameters are in effect for all agents who are included in the configuration for the contact center.

Certain elements associated with a communications configuration also have parameters that affect the overall function of the configuration. Such elements include communications drivers and profiles, commands, and events.

The communications configurations provided by Siebel Systems include configuration parameters and default values. Parameters for Communications Configurations lists these configuration parameters, and provides applicable default values which are in effect for each parameter if it is not defined. Some parameters must be included, while others are optional.

For more information about creating or modifying communications configurations, see Creating or Modifying a Communications Configuration.

To specify configuration parameters

  1. Navigate to Administration - Communications > All Configurations.
  2. In the Configurations list, click to select the configuration record for which you are specifying parameters.
  3. In the Parameters list:
    1. If the configuration does not include all supported parameters you require, add a record for each such parameter, specifying the parameter name and parameter value.
    2. Verify or edit values for all the parameters in your configuration.
    3. Click the check mark for the Active field to enable or disable a configuration parameter. A disabled parameter has no effect on the communications configuration.
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