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About Siebel CTI Connect

This section describes communications driver parameters, commands, and events for configuring Siebel Communications Server to work with Siebel CTI Connect, which is based on Intel NetMerge, and the applicable communications driver.

Siebel CTI Connect, available from Siebel Systems, includes the following:

  • Intel NetMerge Call Processing Software (formerly Dialogic CT Connect Server)
  • Intel NetMerge Call Information Manager (formerly Dialogic Call Information Manager)
  • Communications driver: Siebel CTI Connect (formerly Dialogic CTI)
  • Sample communications configuration data for Siebel CTI Connect

NOTE:  Siebel CTI Connect is licensed as a separate module in this version of Siebel Business Applications. If you have not licensed the Siebel CTI Connect module, it will not be enabled for use.

The sample Siebel CTI Connect configuration data can be found in the Siebel Database or the Sample Database. For more information on particular parameters, commands, or events, refer to Intel NetMerge documentation. For more information, see Additional Documentation for Siebel CTI Connect.

For more information about configuring Siebel Communications Server, see Configuring Session Communications and Configuring Events and Commands and other parts of this book.

NOTE:  For additional or different parameters, commands, or events, you can extend the Siebel-provided communications driver or develop a custom driver to support these parameters. For more information, see Developing a Communications Driver.

Additional Documentation for Siebel CTI Connect

In addition to the Siebel Communications Server Administration Guide and other Siebel Bookshelf documentation, Siebel CTI Connect includes Intel NetMerge documentation.

These documentation files, provided as PDF files, are located in the Siebel Business Applications Third-Party Bookshelf CD-ROM. They are also available with the Intel NetMerge CPS and CIM installation.

NOTE:  For information about hardware and software requirements for using Intel NetMerge, refer to the Intel NetMerge documentation.

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